Enrichment Opportunities for Alumni

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Fulbright Canada alumni are leaders in their respective fields and champions in their local communities. Fulbright Canada is constantly reaching out in innovative and exciting ways to engage and support our alumni through enrichment opportunities.

Fulbright Canada's Mobility Program provides current grantees (students and scholars) with the opportunity to engage in professional opportunities and to expand their network of professional contacts beyond the immediate setting of their host institutions.

The Fulbright Canada Eco-Leadership Program (ELP) is an innovative community-focused initiative that provides grants to both current grantees (students and scholars) and alumni in support of volunteer-based environmental activities in their home or host communities.

In recognition of our 20th anniversary, Fulbright Canada introduced the Community Leadership Program (CLP) and the Fulbright Canada Mentorship Program. The CLP provides grants to groups of alumni looking to engage local partners in a collaborative project that will have a beneficial impact on their community. The Fulbright Canada Mentorship Program is designed to provide incoming Fulbrighters with alumni coaches to help them get the most out of their Fulbright exchange experience.

Fulbright Canada also provides enrichment opportunities for grantees and alumni in the Killam Fellowships Program. These programs include: the Killam Mobility Program, the Killam Community Action Initiative, and the Killam Mentorship Program.

For more information on these programs, initiatives, and activities please contact our Alumni Coordinator, Alanna Blackie DeMos, at .

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