Fulbright Alumnus, Philip Glass, receives the prestigious Glenn Gould Prize

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Photograph from left to right: Kay Mayfield (Minister Counselor for Public Affairs U.S. Embassy, Ottawa and Fulbright Canada Board Member), Brian Levine (Executive Director of the Glenn Gould Foundation), Dr. Roseann Runte (President and Vice Chancellor of Carleton University and Fulbright Canada Board Member), Philip Glass, Dr. Michael Hawes (CEO Fulbright Canada), and Cameron MacKay (Director General, Trade Sectors Bureau at Global Affairs Canada and Fulbright Canada Board Member). Photograph by Kenneth Chou. 


The Glenn Gould Foundation presented the 11th biennial Glenn Gould Prize to composer Philip Glass at a memorable ceremony and concert on November 26, 2016, at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Several members of the Fulbright community were present, celebrating his contribution to the arts and this incredible honour at an intimate reception prior to the ceremony, which was hosted at Lornado, the official residence of the United States Ambassador to Canada.

Philip Glass is a Fulbright alumnus and a small but important part of his artistic journey thus far included studying in France as a Fulbrighter from 1964 to 1966. The Fulbright Program is widely regarded as being the most prestigious academic exchange program in the world. The people it supports are often driven to innovate and have a positive impact on society as a whole. Philip Glass does just this, and in 2009, Philip Glass was also awarded the Fulbright Lifetime Achievement Medal, honouring him for his “extraordinary impact upon the musical and intellectual life of his times.” 

Fulbright Canada CEO, Michael Hawes made a short address at the reception to congratulate Philip Glass saying,  “Let me congratulate you sir on this signal honor and for reminding us that investing in an exceptionally promising young man from Baltimore could (and did) change the world.”

Congratulations on your incredible accomplishments, Philip Glass, and for adding to them, the great honour of the Glenn Gould Prize for your “unique lifetime contribution that has enriched the human condition through the arts.”

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