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Visiting Research Chair in Environmental Humanities at the University of California, Irvine

US$25,000 for 4 months
September or January
Fulbright Canada Program Officer (Scholars)

Fulbright Canada offers a unique opportunity to both prominent and promising Canadian scholars to pursue scholarship and professional development at the University of California, Irvine. The Fulbright Visiting Research Chair will spend up to two academic terms in residence at the UCI School of Humanities conducting research on the environment that draws humanities disciplines into conversation with each other, and with the natural and social sciences. We are interested in scholars that can demonstrate how the humanities productively contribute to public conversations about significant environmental issues, highlighting how such research is useful, even essential, for addressing the scientific, technological, political and economic dimensions of these concerns. We are especially interested in projects guided by environmental justice approaches.

The Chair affords opportunities to deliver public lectures, lead student or faculty seminars, participate in conferences or symposia, and otherwise contribute to scholarly activity within the school and the university at large. The Chair is designed to foster broad partnerships in support of an original research program both on and off campus. The School of Humanities sponsors the chair, but affiliations with relevant departments will be arranged to facilitate interaction with our rich interdisciplinary research community, including the University of California Humanities Research Institute, the UCI Humanities Collective, and the UCI Sustainability Initiative, among others.

Specializations: For humanities scholars whose research focuses on environmental studies.

Applicants are encouraged to identify their primary and alternate choices on the application. Formal letters of invitation should not be sought; however, applicants are encouraged to contact the institution to discuss research interests.

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