Alanna Blackie DeMos

Alanna Blackie DeMos is the Coordinator for Public Affairs and Alumni Relations. She is responsible for managing the Foundation’s public affairs and communications strategy. Alanna acts as a point of contact for grantees, alumni, and partners on matters relating to recruitment, publicity, outreach, and community engagement. She also manages the Foundation’s alumni programs, including the Fulbright Canada Eco-Leadership Program, the Fulbright Canada Community Leadership Program, and the Killam Community Action Initiative Program.

Alanna holds a Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University in Philosophy and Political Science (International Relations) and a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy from Carleton University, where she focused her studies on environmental ethics and distributive justice. In 2015, she completed a Graduate Program in Public Relations and Communications Management at McGill University.

Alanna is a proud Ottawa native with experience working in communications and within the Federal Public Service as a Program Officer.

Alanna is always eager to talk to members of the Fulbright community (grantees, alumni and partners) and members of the public interested in providing feedback or learning more about Fulbright Canada.

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