Opportunities and Awards for Fulbright Canada Alumni

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Fulbright Canada has successful, active, and engaged alumni who are leaders in their respective fields and local communities. For this reason, we are always looking for innovative and exciting new ways to engage and support our alumni.

Fulbright Canada operates the Fulbright Canada - RBC Foundation Eco-Leadership Program, a unique community-focused initiative that provides awards to both grantees and alumni in any area of environmental action. This award is open to both American and Canadian grantees and alumni.

Fulbright Canada also operates the Fulbright Canada - US Embassy in Canada Community Leadership Program (CLP) and the Fulbright Canada Mentorship Program. The CLP provides awards to groups of alumni in any area of community action. The principal applicant of the CLP award must be a Canadian citizen and the award must be taken up in a Canadian location. The Fulbright Canada Mentorship Program is designed to connect incoming Fulbrighters with alumni mentors to help them get the most out of their Fulbright experience. 

For more information on alumni programs, initiatives, and activities please contact us at alumni@fulbright.ca.

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