Recruitment of Policy Leaders (RPL) Program

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Each year, the Government of Canada's Recruitment of Policy Leaders (RPL) program sets out to identify talented professionals, academics, and scientists, offering them a unique opportunity to launch directly into a stimulating career in the federal public service. As a Fulbright Canada alumnus or alumnae, you could soon be joining this dynamic network.

Have you completed, or are nearing completion, a master's degree, a law degree, or a doctorate? Do you have a strong record of academic excellence, sound knowledge of the world of public policy, and experience that demonstrates leadership and commitment? Do you want to use your skills and expertise to make a real difference? The Government of Canada is looking for people like you. Please see the program 2012 poster for more information.

Please check back for details on the upcoming RPL program, including relevant dates and program information.

Are you ready to start your journey?