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Visiting Research Chair in Peace and War Studies at Norwich University

US$25,000 for 4 months
September or January
Fulbright Canada Program Officer (Scholars)
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Norwich University welcomes a Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Peace and War Studies with expertise in any of the following disciplines: International Relations, Military History, Diplomacy, Military Sociology, Terrorism, Just/Positive Peace, Information or Cyber Warfare. As the United States’ oldest private military college, and the birthplace of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, the Norwich campus comprises a population of approximately 1500 cadets, 500 civilian students, and 120 tenure-track faculty. Founded in 1819, Norwich University is located in the heart of the Green Mountains in idyllic Northfield, Vermont, 230 km south of Montreal and 280 km north of Boston.

Resident in the newly-formed Peace and War Center in the College of Liberal Arts, the Fulbright Visiting Research Chair will conduct research, guest lecture at the undergraduate level, and support the missions of the Peace and War Center, the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies’ Military History, Diplomacy or Information Assurance Programs. The Chair will have opportunities to participate in public lectures, attend conferences, and otherwise contribute to the intellectual life at Norwich University. Implementation of this Research Chair position is in direct support of Norwich’s commitment to further expand the stature of the institution and to bolster the strength of the intellectual environment of Norwich University.

In addition to the US$25,000 award, the Chair is provided with a suitable workspace, as well as support services including access to numerous computer databases, Smithsonian Museum materials (Norwich is a Smithsonian Affiliate), and Norwich Museum archives.

Specializations: International Relations, Military History, Diplomacy, Military Sociology, Cyber Warfare.

Applicants are encouraged to identify their primary and alternate choices on the application. Formal letters of invitation should not be sought; however, applicants are encouraged to contact the institution to discuss research interests.

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