Amanda Lee

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Amanda Lee is an undergraduate student from the University of Calgary whose Killam Fellowship took her to Florida International University (FIU) and provided an opportunity to pursue her lifelong passion for marine sciences. FIU allowed Amanda to take specialized courses in urban ecology and marine protection, and, better still, provided the opportunity to get the kind of hands-on experience that being in Miami offered. She comes away from the experience with a unique perspective on the many threats that oceans face, along with a more nuanced understanding of physical and social challenges facing society.

Deeply concerned for patient care and helping others, Amanda entered university as a nursing student.  She soon realized that her real strengths were in math and science and she changed her major to biological sciences … the goal, a medical degree.

Thinking back on her exchange, Amanda says, “I learned much more about who I am as a person and became more mindful of others. Studying in the United States further developed my values and morals and gave me a greater sense of independence; ultimately helping me to become a well-rounded candidate for medical school by broadening my exposure to different cultures and individuals (i.e. not making judgements or adhering to certain stereotypes).”

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