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Canada is celebrating an important moment. It is our sesquicentennial – 150 years since Confederation! This moment provides all Canadians with the opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved, what we are, and what we can be. Specifically, it is an occasion to collectively consider what our vision for the future entails.

At Fulbright Canada we are pleased to have played a small part in supporting and promoting Canada’s world-class post-secondary education system. We are also pleased to be able to contribute to a strong, stable and productive relationship with our nearest neighbour, most important economic partner, and closest ally. We are especially proud to have, and will continue to have, some role in identifying and supporting future leaders - who are champions of diversity, inclusivity, and a commitment to playing a positive and constructive role in global affairs.

We are honoured to announce that Fulbright Canada, with support from our numerous partners, will be presenting four Signature Canada 150 Initiatives. At their core, these programs promote dialogue and understanding between diverse perspectives and provide opportunities for dialogue and discussion on Canada’s ongoing role in the world. They are:

  1. Canada Week in Hawaii, February 20-24, 2017
  2. “Canada Inclusive/Exclusive: 150 Years and Beyond”
    An international conference at University College London, July 6-8, 2017.
  3. Fulbright Canada Young Indigenous Leaders Initiative
  4. Fulbright Canada Youth Institute on Canada in the World
    Ottawa and Quebec City, September 30 – October 8, 2017

Fulbright Canada is a binational, treaty-based, not-for-profit organization that supports exceptional community and youth leaders and scholars through international and cultural exchanges between Canada and the United States.  We are uniquely positioned to connect people that can help to bring this important discussion about Canada’s role in the world to life.

Please be sure to further explore our webpage for more information on how Fulbright Canada, our alumni, and our partners are celebrating Canada’s 150th.  

For more information on the Canada 150 activities that Fulbright Canada is hosting or involved in, please contact us at [email protected] 

Dr. Michael K. Hawes
CEO Fulbright Canada

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