2017 Fulbright Canada Eco-Leaders

Christopher Barrett 
 Fulbright Research Chair at the California Nanosystems Institute UCLA (2013-2014)
 Various locations in California, USA
 Beyond Plastics - Developing New Green Materials Sourced from Sustainable Bio-Resources, a Student-Led Engineering Partnership between U. C. Berkeley, Stanford, and McGill

Janel Curry 
 Fulbright Scholar (1994-1995)
 Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA
 Understanding the Beauty of Butterflies

Rebecca Lawton 
 Fulbright Research Chair at the University of Alberta (2014-2015)
 Victoria, British Columbia, CA
 Climate Communication: Eco-Writing for Future Leaders at the Royal B.C. Museum

Victoria Ostenso 
 Fulbright Student (2016-2017)
  Richmond, British Columbia, CA
 Protecting Food Security through Multi-Lingual Garden Communication

James Steenberg 
 Fulbright Student (2014-2015)
 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA
 Naturalizing public green space in Halifax to enhance community benefits

Andrew Stuhl 
 Fulbright Research Chair in North American Integration (2015-2016)
 Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, CA
 Greening Lewisberg

Julia Whidden 
 Fulbright Student (2015-2016)
 Miami, Florida, USA
   Females in Natural Sciences (F.I.N.S.) x Girls Inc. Sarasota: Promoting Ocean Conservation and STEM Education in Girls through Hands-On Experiences with Sharks 

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