American Fulbright Students Awards, 2013-14


Tyrell Edwards, University of Washington / Fulbright Canada-TD Award Recipient at the University of British Columbia “Support Services for International Student Populations in Higher Education”

Tal Eisenzweig, Princeton University / Fulbright Canada-CIBC Award Recipient at McGill University
“The Arab Spring in Canada: Challenges for an Evolving Refugee System”

Cambria Findley-Grubb, Chapman University / Saint Mary's University
“Impact of Education Policy on Indigenous Populations in Canada and the United States”

Arielle Gorin, Yale University / Fulbright Canada-Canadian National Railway Company Award Recipient at the University of British Columbia
“Borders Crossed, Bridges Burned, Balances Shifted: The Mid-1800s Pacific Northwest & the World”

Victoria Hermann, Lehigh University / Fulbright Canada-TD Award Recipient at Carleton University
“The Indigenous Civil Society Experience in International Climate Change Negotiations”

Quanda Johnson, Brooklyn College / The City University of New York / Dalhousie University
“Beyond the Veil of the Sorrow Songs”

Kelly O'Brien, Fordham University / Fulbright Canada-John R. Oshei Foundation Award Recipient at Concordia University
“Contents Under Pressure: The Ethics of Graffiti and Advertising”

Elizabeth Przybylski, Northwestern University / Fulbright Canada-BMO Financial Group Award Recipient at the University of Manitoba
“Hip Hop as Musical Speech: Conveying Contemporary Indigenous Identities Through Radio”

Jacqueline Reynoso, Cornell University / Fulbright Canada-Power Corporation of Canada Award Recipient at McGill University
“(Dis)Placing the American Revolution”

Alicia Richardson, Florida State University / Fulbright Canada-TD Award Recipient at York University
“Voices of Color: A Dissection of Ethnic Identity”

Anne E. Rouse, Monterey Institute of International Studies / University of Calgary
“A Life Cycle Analysis of Alberta's Industrial Hemp Bio-Composite Automotive Industry“

Camron Terwilliger, Emerson College / McGill University
“Yet Wilderness Grew in My Heart: A Novel of Iroquois, New York, and New France”

Easton White, Arizona State University / University of Victoria
“Assessing Predator-Prey Relationships in Global Fisheries“


Science, Technology, Engineering
& Mathematics (STEM) Awards

Patrick Michael McGarey, Arizona State University / University of Toronto
“Real-Time Image Analysis using Long-Duration Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)”

Lauren Mackenzie Reynolds, Harvard Medical School / McGill University
“How Early Life Experiences Impact Reward System Dysfunction in Adults“

Marie Perkins, University of Michigan / McGill University
“Quantifying Mercury Exposure in North American Arctic Breeding Shorebirds”

Each September, the Foundation for Educational Exchange between Canada and the United States of America hosts the incoming cohort of American Fulbright Scholars and the entire incoming class of Killam Fellows for a fall Orientation in Ottawa. 

Fulbright Canada interviewed some of the 2011-2012 U.S. Students, to find out why they chose to come to Canada for their Fulbright experience.