Important Dates - American Traditional Student Awards

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Please note that American applicants who are currently enrolled at an American institution of higher education should contact their Fulbright Program Advisor regarding on-campus deadlines.

May 15
Annual Competition Opens
Application forms are posted on the Institute for International Education website.
October 6
Application Deadline
Applications must be submitted electronically before 5:00pm Eastern Time.
November to December
National Screening Committee Review
Specialists from U.S. institutions and organizations in various fields and area studies meet in the U.S. and recommend candidates for further consideration.
Host Country Review
Applications of recommended candidates are transmitted to the supervising agencies abroad for further review, particularly with regard to placement at foreign universities.
February to March
J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FSB) Review
The FSB gives final approval for candidates nominated for awards.
Grantees Notified
All selected and non-selected candidates are notified.

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