The Community Leadership Program

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Jennifer Selby
 Fulbright Scholar (2004-2005)
 St. John's, NL
 Pathways to Success: Supporting Former Refugee Youth in Pursuing Meaningful Futures Pilot Project
Remzi Cej, International Visitors Leadership Program Ross Reid, International Visitors Leadership Program    

Caitlin Fisher
 Fulbright Scholar (2012-2013)
 Toronto, ON
 Young Inventors Initiative
Paul Lovejoy, Fulbright Fellowship - Research  Geoffrey Alan Rhodes - Fulbright Student (2005-2006)    

Wade Kellar
 International Visitors Leadership Program (2006)
 Halifax, NS
 North Preston Watershed Engagement and Action Project
Paul Black, International Visitors Leadership Program (2005) Robert Batherson, International Visitors Leadership Program (2001)    

Althia Raj
 Parliamentary Internship Program (2004-2005)
 Ottawa, ON
 Apartment 613: 613U Digital Media Toolkit and Training
Katrina Marsh - Parliamentary Internship Program (2004-2005) Karen Diepeveen Summerfield, Parliamentary Internship Program (2004-2005)    

Sandra Song
 Fulbright Student (2001-2002)
 Edmonton, AB
 Canada at 150: Lessons on Race, Racialization, and Racism
Sanjay Beesoon, Fulbright Scholar Yang Wang, Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Science (2014-2015)    

Stefanie Von Hlatky
 Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Public Diplomacy (2015-2016)
 Kingston, ON
 Beyond Model UN: Increasing Understanding of International Relations
Josh Tupler - Fulbright Student (2016-2017)  David Last, Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Peace and War Studies (2015-2016)    

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