The Community Leadership Program

Fulbright Canada and the US Embassy in Canada are pleased to announce the recipients of the Community Leadership Program (CLP).  The CLP supports Canadian alumni of US government exchange programs who would like to make a contribution in their community. The CLP provides up to $8,000 to groups of three or more alumni who identify a need in their community and a strategy for addressing that need.

2014-2015 CLP grants

Victor Armony (Canadian Fulbright Visiting Chair, 2011-12)

Project Location:
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg
Project Title:
Latino Canadians and the legacy of human rights violations in Latin America
Fulbright Alumni Partners
Bernard Duhaime (Canadian Fulbright Visiting Chair, 2011-12)
Robin McLay (Fulbright Scholar, 1998)
The goal of this project is to foster a conversation about the legacy of human rights violations and crimes against humanity in Latin America, particularly as part of a collective memory shared by many Canadians of Latin American heritage. By creating opportunities for the expression and exchange on these issues, it becomes possible to preserve and disseminate accounts of individual experiences by victims, to engage participants in understanding and discussing the history of state-sponsored political violence, persecution, and discrimination in Latin America, and to consider the implications of a duty of remembrance for Latin American diasporas—specific to their national origins but also as part of the larger Canadian story of inclusive citizenship and global responsibility to protect.

Bruno Dupeyron (Canadian Fulbright Visiting Chair, 2013-2014)

Project Location:
Regina, Saskatchewan
Project Title:
Introduction to ‘Francophonies’ in Minority Communities
Alumni Partners
Daniel Beland (Fulbright Student 1998-1999)
This project, which will take place at the only francophone summer camp in Regina, Camp Troubadour, focuses on Francophone minorities in Regina, Saskatchewan, and the role of educational institutions in facilitating the integration of Francophone newcomers. The project aims to teach French as a second language, support francophone speaking children between the ages of 1-12, and help them discover and be exposed to other international francophone cultures.   These goals will be supported through field trips, books, storytelling, art, music, dance, directed and free play, indoor and outdoor activities, which will allow children to learn and speak French in different contexts. The project will support those activities by fostering learning with a more diverse repertoire of francophone educational material.  Moreover, Camp Troubadour welcomes children from different socio-cultural and linguistic backgrounds; they may speak French, English or another language at home, but will speak French throughout the summer, thanks to the variety of activities proposed by Gard’Amis’ teachers, which will reinforce their linguistic skills. 

Anand Mahadevan (Fulbright student, 2009-2010)

Project Location:
Project Title:
Bright Lights in the Lab Scholars Program
Community Partners
Firefly Foundation
University of Toronto
University of Toronto Schools
Bright Lights is a collaboration between University of Toronto Schools, a school interested in transformational education, the University of Toronto, which is committed to diversity, and the Firefly Foundation, whose aim is to set bright minds free and help fund research that will lead to cures for neurodegenerative diseases. The purpose of the project is to bring a highly successful and motivating science program to underprivileged and underrepresented youth. While Toronto has a very diverse population, few Portuguese, Caribbean, and Indigenous youth make it into science programs and science careers. Our goal is to help develop cadres of youth leaders excited about sciences each year and be a training ground for students who will diversify the labs and research institutions of the future.

Bernard Duhaime (Canadian Fulbright Visiting Chair, 2011-12)

Project Location:
Montreal, Quebec
Project Title:
Breaking Down Barriers: Accessibility Issues for Persons With Physical Disabilities in Montreal
Fulbright Alumni Partners
Karl Barber (American Fulbright Student, 2012-13)
Anjali Cera (American Fulbright Student, 2012-13)
Anna January (American Fulbright Student, 2012-13)­
Amélie Quesnel-Vallée (Canadian Fulbright Student, 1999-2000)
This project aims to improve the quality of life of physically handicapped persons living in Montreal and to increase community awareness with regards to issues surrounding persons with disabilities. A public forum, which will be translated into sign language, will engage the local community and provide an outlet for constructive discourse on this issue. The panel will consist of four speakers: Linda Gauthier, the instigator of several RAPLIQ (Regroupement Activistes Pour L’Inclusion Quebec) projects; Laurence Parent, an activist for persons with disabilities; Mélanie Bernard, a law graduate and member of RAPLIQ, and Pietro Bozzo, Executive Director of the YMCA  of McGill (The Yellow Door), which is an organization concerned with precepts of social justice, freedom of expression, and personal growth. Local government officials will be invited to learn more about the everyday problems that persons with disabilities encounter.

Sandy Ng (Canadian Fulbright NEXUS Scholar, 2011-12)

Project Location:
Toronto, Ontario
Project Title:
Voices of the City
Fulbright Alumni Partners
Sonia Lawrence (Canadian Fulbright Student, 2000-01)
Angela Loder (Canadian Fulbright Student, 2007-08) (Canadian Fulbright Mid-Career, 2009-10)
“Voices of the city” will highlight the way individuals interact with their environment, and raise awareness regarding the challenges faced by seniors.  Through “photovoice”, a common method used for community consultation, the perspectives of this marginalized population will be highlighted.  The focus of the program will be on two very distinct cohorts: seniors and youths.  Disposable cameras will be provided to participants in these two age groups, and participants will be asked to document what they find convenient, and what causes them frustrations in daily living.  A conference will be held to showcase the images, and promote social awareness.

Tobias Nussbaum (Canadian Fulbright Mid-Career, 2009-10)

Project Location:
Ottawa, Ontario
Project Title:
Building a Main Street Gateway – A Neighbourhood Project to Revitalize our Main Street and Build Community Engagement
Fulbright Alumni Partners
Elizabeth Muggah (Canadian Fulbright Student, 2009-10)
Deborah Chatsis (Canadian Fulbright Mid-Career, 2006-07)

This project aims to create a gateway on Beachwood Avenue. Through an open competition, artists from Ottawa will submit "gateway" designs placed in an Ottawa area that has seen sharp decline and atrophy. The gateway can be a combination of public art, landscaping, signage, historical information, arches, or banners.

Caroline Tait (Canadian Fulbright Student, 1995-96)

Project Location:
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Project Title:
Canadian-American Community Building Through Grassroots Entrepreneurship
Fulbright Alumni Partners
Charles S. Coffey (Fulbright Canada past Board of Directors)
Bettina Schneider (American Fulbright Student, 2006-07)

To address the problem of gangs and gang violence in Saskatoon, this group will work with community partner STR8 UP and run a capital campaign to make the organization financially independent so it can continue its gang prevention campaigns, and gang intervention programs. Tait and Fulbrighter Schneider will travel to California to meet members of a similar company, Homeboy Industries, that has secured partnerships and now employs over 200 former gang members, and offer services like tattoo removal, and Baby & Me. Homeboy Industries will be invited to Saskatoon to allow the local community to learn from their initiatives.

We are pleased to be supporting these important projects and look forward to sharing the results as we move ahead.  The leaders of these projects welcome the support and participation of other alumni. If you are interested in getting involved in any of these projects, please contact us at  for more information!

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