How to Apply - American Scholar Awards

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The Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) provides administrative support to the Fulbright Program.  

American scholars download the application instructions on the
CIES website, and complete the online application.

On the Primary Awards page, you will see a list of our awards (with an award number next to each). You must indicate the award number on the application.

The Visiting Research Chairs are divided by theme, each with its own award number and with the number of grants that are offered in each category.  If you click on an award theme (such as Arts and Humanities), you will see the number of grants in this category (2 grants). Two universities are hosting a Research Chairs in this category (McGill and the University of Alberta). You may then read about the nature of each Research Chair. When you complete the online application, you will indicate the award number and your preferred institution. You may also indicate alternate institution(s) within that category, or you may indicate a different award number and list your institution of interest.

Applicants are encouraged to identify primary and alternate choices within the project statement, and on line 24 of the application form. This allows applicants to be considered for multiple awards, enhancing your chance of placement. Many of the research chairs are interdisciplinary, so please browse the various themes to find the research chair(s) that best suit your expertise.

Formal letters of invitation are not necessary and not encouraged; however, applicants are encouraged to contact the institution to discuss research interests.

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