The Killam Fellowships Mobility Program

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The Killam Fellowship Program is designed to provide a complete exchange experience, including the opportunity to visit both national capitals and the opportunity to experience a part of the student's host country that is culturally, socially, and geographically different than the place where the student's host community.

A group of Killam and Fulbright students at Fall Orientation 2009.
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An integral part of the Killam Fellowships program involves the opportunity for various enrichment activities, allowing for professional growth and personal growth, and promoting fellowship among the participants. The Foundation for Educational Exchange between Canada and the United States of America, in conjunction with the American Killam Trusts, is pleased to provide current Killam Fellows with a number of enrichment opportunities. We encourage all Killam Fellows to participate in all of these opportunities. The Fall Orientation and the Spring Seminar are outlined on a separate page. The Cultural Awareness Program (or student mobility program) is described below.

In 2011 Victoria Banas visited Halifax as part of her Cultural Awareness Program
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The Cultural Awareness Program operates on a competitive basis and requires an application. This program provides Killam Fellows with funds (paid in the currency of the host country and not to exceed $800) to undertake an academic and/or cultural activity in a city or region other than the location of their host university. While the activity does not have to be directly related the student's program of study, its objective should be to broaden the student's understanding of the host country and expand their horizons. This travel must take place during the Killam fellow's grant period and requires the approval of the academic advisor at the host institution and the approval of the relevant program officer at the Foundation.

Participation in the various mobility programs may be limited by the availability of funding. Contact Brad Hector for an application.

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