Killam Community Action Initiative

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The Killam Community Action Initiative (KCAI) offers Killam Fellowship grantees and alumni a unique opportunity to take action, to get involved, and to help make the world a better place, starting in their own communities. The program provides small grants ($3000 to $5000), which allow Killam Fellows to initiate a volunteer- based project with a positive environmental and/or community impact, in either their home or host community. The funds cover program expenses, publicity and promotional materials, as well as transportation and travel expenses for volunteers and participants. By providing funds to cover basic project costs, Fulbright Canada hopes that our active alumni will bring together individuals within the community, as well as local community partners, who can work together and undertake community-based initiatives in either Canada and the United States.

About the program :

The KCAI is designed to support a number of community action initiatives through direct financial support, on a competitive basis, for creative projects in Canada and the United States, that promote the values of understanding and awareness that are central to the Foundation’s mandate. This program allows current Killam Fellows and Killam alumni to engage with the broader community, and find new and innovative ways to get involved in environmental and social justice issues. This dynamic new program serves as an outlet for the energy and the enthusiasm of our Killam Fellows, it promotes the Killam Fellowships Program, and it promotes the values that the Foundation embraces.

Current grantees and alumni with an idea for a creative outreach event, a special activity, or a unique program in their community, may apply for a grant award to undertake a KCAI project. Applicants must apply in teams of at least three Killam Fellows and/or alumni, including a project manager. Fellows are strongly encouraged to include at least one community partner in their proposed project. In addition to bringing together alumni and current grantees, the KCAI is designed to bring together universities, NGOs, and other community groups to plan and implement the project. Fellows will also be asked to demonstrate how they will document and promote their project (i.e. through social media, blogging, multimedia, etc.).

Examples of possible project proposals include:

  • A community building project (similar to a Habitat for Humanity project)
  • A pollinator or rain-water garden
  • Training workshops on topics such as leadership, teamwork building, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, or the value of international exchange for youth audiences
  • A bike riding campaign for your campus.


Applicants must apply in teams of at least three Killam Fellows, must be current grantees or alumni of the Killam Fellowships Program, and must be currently living in either Canada or the United States. The volunteer-based project must take place in either Canada or the United States. Fellows are strongly encouraged to include at least one community partner in their proposed project. Please refer to the terms and conditions for details.

This is a volunteer based program. Applications that request funding to be used for salaries, stipends, honoraria, or any other form of compensation will be deemed ineligible.

How to apply:

KCAI proposals consist of a project description, including how the project engages the community and the intended outcomes, and a budget, including details of any matching funds. Proposals are evaluated by an in-house committee. The KCAI provides funding for travel, equipment, or refreshments required for the proposed activity. Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria: the potential for positive impact on the community, particularly for youth; the degree of alumni, community, and partner engagement; the creativity in realizing the program mandate; and the overall cost effectiveness. If you have a project idea, but don’t know other alumni in your region, or if you would like to participate in a project in your region, but would prefer to be involved in a project led by another alumna/alumnus, please contact Fulbright Canada at

We encourage all current grantees and alumni to submit a Killam Community Action Initiative Application. Applicants should carefully refer to the terms and conditions before submitting a proposal.

Apply Now

The competition is currently open, there is no set deadline, applications are accepted on a continual basis

Read the terms and conditions

Fill in the application form and submit it to .

If you have any questions, please contact Fulbright Canada at

Past KCAI recipients:

In its pilot year, Fulbright Canada supported two outstanding projects under the auspices of the Killam Community Action Initiative. Both Anne Larkin and Mallory Lavoie organized projects aimed at engaging with local communities and addressing community needs.

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