American Traditional (All Disciplines) Fulbright Scholar Award

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Award 8411-CA (3 grants)

Held at any university, government agency, or research institution in Canada

US$12,500 for 4 months
September 2017 or January 2018

Applicants should arrange affiliation and include a letter of invitation from their preferred host institution(s). Applicants may also be referred for consideration for Visiting Research Chair awards as appropriate.

Applicants may propose teaching projects, research projects or a combination of both in a wide range of subject areas relevant to Canada or Canada-U.S. relations.

Specializations: While the competition is open to all disciplines, Fulbright Canada is particularly interested in encouraging research on contemporary issues relevant to Canada, the United States and the relationship between the two countries. Applicants should also clearly document the need to be in residence in Canada to carry out the project.

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