Opportunities and Awards for Killam Fellows

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The Killam Fellowships Program has generated a successful, active, and engaged alumni who are emerging as leaders in their respective fields and leaders in their local communities. Fulbright Canada is constantly on the lookout for innovative and exciting ways to engage and support Killam alumni.

The Fulbright Canada Alumni Internship Program offers a unique opportunity for Fulbright Canada alumni, and alumni from all USG sponsored programs to develop professional skills, network with prominent university figures and government officials, and develop a deeper understanding of the Canada-U.S. bilateral relationship. Fulbright Canada considers internship applications on an ongoing basis, which may include, but is not necessarily limited to, the following: a summer internship which begins mid-May and ends August 31st, an ongoing part-time internship for grantees or alumni who are currently enrolled in a degree program, and semester long internship which is effectively full time, and a 9-month internship which runs from September 1st to April 31st. Successful applicants will work at the Fulbright Canada office in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, for the defined period of the award. Interns will be able to fully immerse themselves in all that Ottawa has to offer: from meeting with other government agency interns, to tours of various Ottawa landmarks, interning in Canada’s capital offers a truly unique experience.

The Killam Community Action Initiative (KCAI) offers Killam Fellowship grantees and alumni a unique opportunity to take action, to get involved, and to help make the world a better place, starting in their own communities. This program provide small grants, valued at up to $5,000, allowing current grantees and alumni, to initiate a volunteer-based project that will make a significant positive environmental or social impact.

The Killam Mentorship Program allows Killam alumni the opportunity to formally connect with incoming Killam Fellows by matching alumni with current grantees. Mentors are expected to provide advice ranging from practical and logistical questions about their home city or institution to more focused discussions on course selection or living arrangements.

The Mobility Program provides Killam Fellows with funds (paid in the currency of the host country and not to exceed $800) to undertake an academic and/or cultural activity in a city or region other than the location of their host university. While the activity does not have to be directly related the student's program of study, its objective should be to broaden the student's understanding of the host country and expand their horizons.

If you have any other questions, please email our alumni coordinator Alanna Blackie DeMos at .

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