• Dr. Michael Hawes

    Dr. Michael Hawes

    CEO, Foundation for Educational Exchange between Canada and the United States of America

  • Ava Kovats

    Ava Kovats

    Manager, Finance and Administration

  • Ambassador Jon Allen

    Ambassador Jon Allen


  • Alanna Blackie

    Alanna Blackie

    Coordinator, Recruitment & Alumni Relations

  • Michelle Emond

    Michelle Emond

    Program Officer, Students

  • Brad Hector

    Brad Hector

    Program Officer, Scholars

  • Jenika Heim

    Jenika Heim

    EducationUSA Advisor

  • Hailey Laxer

    Hailey Laxer

    Intern (Program and Outreach)

  • Juan Garrido

    Juan Garrido

    Social Media Assistant

  • Nesreen Elonsi

    Nesreen Elonsi

    Administrative & Finance Officer

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